A Mother’s Testimony

My daughter Jessica turned 15 on August 11, 2008. We celebrated her birthday dedicating her life to the Lord and acknowledging her crossing over to being a women of God. It was truly a testimony of a calling in her life for the Lord. It was a way of preparing her for her walk to serve Him.

Sometime after our celebration Jessica started complaining of tiredness and weakness. Then she started having breathing problems to stop her from even participating in PE at school. I took her to doctors and specialist and all they said was she should not be feeling this way at such a young age, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Testing included from testing her blood, lungs, allergies, heart etc. The last specialist said I can’t find anything wrong in all the tests but there is something wrong. So we will be sending her to Loma Linda Hospital and possibly check for Leukemia. This terrified me because my sister died of Leukemia at 4 years old.

I prayed and prayed for God to show me what to do. The next day my boss Greg Moseley asked what the doctor’s said. He then asked me if I ever thought that what was going on with Jessica was more Spiritual then physical. He told me of a prayer partner he had that goes to a ministry that John Kloos has at his home. I went that very night with my daughter and Cousin Cindy. Jessica received prayer and after they asked if we could bring back the entire family for some personal prayer on her.

We filled out an Inner Healing Prayer Questionnaire that asked questions about each of us and our families and background. On January 5, 2009 my husband Frank, daughter Jessica, son Frankie and I set off to receive prayer at John’s house. This was a process of about four hours of spiritual prayer and healing. The Holy Spirit moved in each of us but most importantly Jessica after being prayed for three hours. She opened her eyes and said to me, “Am I really Free!” I couldn’t believe the strongholds that were upon my daughter that had to be broken. She never shared the things she would see or hear with us due to fear that it would attack us too. She felt and looked so much better that night.

Everything from that moment changed for our family. Jessica was able to breath better and wasn’t tired anymore. She was able to perform the activities in PE and joined a dance club. She has always loved the lord and through the ministry she has been given word as an intercessor and healer. She now walks in those gifts. She prays earnestly for others. She has a heart of God and a light that shines through her that draws people to him.

Jessica and I went to a gathering at my friend’s house. Another friend of mine was getting ready to leave and Jessica asked if she could pray for her before she left. My friend Terri was shocked that a young girl wanted to pray for her but she sat down and Jessica leaned over to her quietly and just kept touching her back and prayed for her. Tears started running down Terri’s face and Jessica gave her a big hug and said I’ll keep praying for you. Terri came to me and said, “Wow, How did she know. I didn’t share that with anybody.”

A week later I received a call from Terri crying out that she was healed. She said, “I have been praying for God to Heal me because I got in a car accident about four years ago and I’ve been on pain medication and seeing a chiropractor two to three times a week” She said she couldn’t do anything around the house anymore that her pain was so bad. Terri made a call to the Chiropractor and told him she didn’t need him anymore because God Healed her through a little girl. Then she stopped taking the medication and said I truly feel no pain. She told me she had just went out and bought lots of flowers to go out and plant in her garden that she had been wanting to do for years.

She wanted to do something for Jessica and I told her all we want is for you to pray for her. To be in God’s will. I told Jessica what happened and she said, “Wow…that’s great mom, isn’t God Good. All the Glory is to go back to him. I’m just a vessel for him to use”. My daughter is a testimony on how we are called to do his will and love and serve the Lord. I believe because she witnessed the healings and prayers of John’s ministry she was able to walk in faith and obedience. I look forward to the plans and journey God has for Jessica. And to think it all started with a prayer!

From a Mother Who Prays
Kathy Perez

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