A Son’s Testimony

I can say that the only reason I started to go to Friday Night Ministry is because my 15 year old daughter was very sick and the doctor’s could not figure it out. My wife took her to the Ministry and they said they needed to prayer for her more and would like the entire family there.

My daughter was healed and most of all I came to trust and believe. I can say that in my walk and going to the meetings I was able to believe that I now know I have a Father who Loves me. I never felt that or believed that before because I was brought up by my mother and grandmother. I never missed having a Father because I never knew what it was like to have a Father.

I believe that in going to the ministry and just being open to what the Holy Spirit had for me made me able to be a better Father to my son. Because now I believe I have a better relationship with my Heavenly Father. I didn’t realize that I was missing the Love of a father….that was something my earthly father could never give me. I was longing for the love of my heavenly father. I know now that I was not a mistake and that God loved me and wanted me.

I’m blessed with a beautiful family who loves and serves the Lord and I know what ever struggles we go through that my Heavenly Father is there for me. I now have brought my Mother, Sister and her family to the ministry and to see what God is doing now in their lives brings me joy. This is a safe place to drink and be fed by the Holy Spirit.

Frank Perez


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