Healing of Lymph Nodes

I first started going to Friday night prayer meetings in June of 2010. I was very broken from a painful divorce I was going through. My husband had left me and every time I had to see him for legal reasons he was a tool for Satan and would wreck my heart and make me feel like a worthless failure. Like I could never be anything but the screw up he and my family saw me as. I had so many relationship problems with people that meant so much to me, I was desperate for God’s truth to put life and light back into my wounded soul. When I first went to the Friday night prayer meeting I felt so much peace. People were worshipping my savior with freedom and passion. They were worshipping the way I had always wanted to but was always told was wrong or too “showy”. I felt so much peace while I was there, even though most of my life, at that point was in turmoil.

After a few times of going, I was feeling so distraught because I didn’t have a job, I was being told by my parents and close friends that I was constantly messing up and more than anything I just wanted to be righteous. I wanted them to see me for the woman I knew I was in God. I wanted their affirmation because I thought if others believed I was good enough to be loved by Christ then it would really be true. I had a lot of messed up thinking. Through these prayer meetings John and Jill came and prayed over me and loved me the way Christ does. One particular Friday, I was prophesied over by John. Now I have always been skeptical to prophesy and healing and the power of the Spirit in general because I had always been taught that the Spirit didn’t move or have the same kind of power as he did in Acts or in the early church; all of that is a lie. The Spirit is so powerful and when John prophesied over me, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He didn’t know anything about me. He didn’t ask me for any details of my life he just trusted in the power of God to help him bless me, and the Spirit showed up in a real and powerful way. The words he spoke over me have blessed my life and have given me the freedom to live passionately for Christ, regardless of whether or not I have the approval of my family and friends. I walked away that day feeling absolute freedom.

When God really used the Friday night prayer meeting to radically change me was on September 3rd of 2010. I was really struggling this night for two reasons. One was because I had been in and out of doctor’s offices and racking up a lot of debt from all the tests they were running to figure out why I have several masses in my neck that had continued to grow over the past year. One doctor told me it was probably cancer but they would run more tests, another doctor told me it was not cancer but was probably a disease that I would need treatment for but they had to keep running tests. Each test was expensive and cost more than I could afford. The masses in my neck made it difficult to swallow, they made it hard to sing in worship, they made it hard to speak, and if I turned my neck the wrong way they ached something fierce. I was again feeling desperate. I needed my Savior to come and help me out of this mess. I felt like I was sinking in despair. I was crying out to my God. “Lord, haven’t you promised to take care of me? I don’t feel taken care of! Please show me truth Father! I need you!” The other reason I was struggling that night was because on September 3rd of 2010 my divorce was finalized and that day felt like more than just the death of my marriage. That night God called John to pray for necks. Again, John does not know me or my life. This was entirely spirit led and there is no way he could have known about my problems at that time. He began to pray for the muscles and the spine. Not the lymph nodes where my masses were. Yet he kept asking God to heal those who had neck problems. At that point in my life, I knew God could heal, I knew he was powerful enough but what I didn’t believe is that he would love me enough or care about me enough to heal my neck. God had bigger fish to fry- right? I have never been so thankful to be wrong. As John was praying, I touched my neck to feel my lumps. I kept feeling around my neck for a solid minute before God told me I wouldn’t find them. THEY WERE GONE!!! Completely taken away from me! All because God loves me! Because he is the ultimate comforter and on the day when I felt so unlovable and so wretched, God came and healed my neck to show me how much I mean to him. On September 3rd 2010 my life was radically changed and my faith in God was grown in a way that I didn’t even know it needed growth. I thank John and Jill for being faithful to following God’s direction and for humbling themselves and allowing the Spirit of God to work through them!!! I am so thankful for Friday night prayer meetings. They have brought so much truth and healing into my life and when I go I am filled with the Spirit so that I have more to give away in my day to day life. John has said a few time in the meetings, “Blessings are given to us so that we can share them.”

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