I went through the inner healing session in Feb. 2011 with the prayer ministry team. I answered all the questions on the inner healing questionnaire enough to cover 7 pages of text. As part of the introduction, John said: “Well, beloved, we won’t be covering anything listed on the questionnaire tonight.” I absorbed that comment and took a deep breath in as there was a slight pause. John proceeded to finish his thought by saying: “God has something better for you tonight. He’s taking us to the roots of all those things. Those are all symptoms.” PHEW! Yay God! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I was delighted!!!

Immediately after the session was completed, I felt like my head was clearer. I thought it was “quieter upstairs,” so to speak. I asked rhetorically, “Is this what it feels like not to have hopeless thoughts and other noise all the time?” I actually experienced the closest thing to a quiet mind that I could think of, short of getting totally lost in worshiping God. Whatever was bothering my mind was gone! You could say that’s freedom.

Among other treasures I received through that night, I walked away with a feeling of major freedom from 5 generations of sin. I was given a clean slate and a new future without anything from past generations to tie me down. I didn’t experience depression or continual hopeless thoughts anymore. I’m not sure if it’s okay to add this, but to those women out there – I feel like this is BIG: I even had my first monthly cycle afterward and did not experience anything that the world says you would – that I used to experience, e.g., no hormonal issues, no food cravings, no emotional mood swings, etc. I was so free that I didn’t even notice it until I thought about it after the fact. It was an uneventful cycle Praise God!

Battles in the mind can be tormenting and I feel freed from patterns of thought that have been with me since I can remember.

Praise to God and I’m grateful to the prayer ministry who God used mightily.

Filled with Joy,

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