Lily’s Testimony

After 2 tough years filled with significant job loss and shedding of material possessions, I decided to pray for 3 specific things because I still knew God cared about even the little things. The 1st would be that my husband would find a temporary job by a certain date to be able to get out of the house before my dad retired. (We were living with them because of the job loss) The 2nd was that we could move out of my parents home into our own place within 2 months. The 3rd was that I would be able to get pregnant with a girl by the end of summer (We have 2 boys) but we didn’t have any insurance to cover this so we couldn’t try.

God fulfilled the 1st and 2nd but when it came to the 3rd my husband still didn’t have insurance so we continued to wait. However I found out by the end of summer that I was indeed pregnant and we were thrilled yet anxious. Was this our girl? A few months later we found out it was indeed our girl but that something was wrong.

At 5 months pregnant she was diagnosed with Fetal Tachycardia, too high of a heartrate. Her heartrate would go dangerously high, then low, then high again. Sometimes it would skip a beat or stop for a few seconds. We were told we had to see many specialists and that I would be monitored for heart failure for her. I would probably be put on heart medicine and there is always the potential they would have to take her prematurely. My immediate thought was that I could lose her at any time and I shouldn’t buy her anything or get excited. But then I remembered my 3 prayers and how Lily (what we will name her) was a gift from God, an answered prayer, named from my 5 year old son. God does miracles and I wanted that to be a part of her testimony.

2 weeks after her diagnosis I went to a prayer night at For Such a Time as This Ministries. I asked for healing prayer for her heart. As I received prayer I didn’t feel anything different or special so I assumed she didn’t get healed this time. A couple of days later I went to the Specialist and her heart was normal. He couldn’t explain it. Then I went to the Pediatric Cardiologist who thoroughly examined her heart and everything was healed. I went from 3 appointments a week to 1 appointment a month and her heart has been healed from that day forward.

Lily has an amazing testimony of God’s power in her life already and we are so thankful.

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