Lion and the Lamb

Beloved and favored of God, Sons & Daughters of the most high;

We are meeting this Friday night at 7:30PM with Holy Spirit at Robinwood Church in Huntington Beach. There will be childcare. Click on the links for the address and map to get to Robinwood.

The Lord is never far off or missing in action or distant. He has surrounded us in His love that does not fail. He knows exactly what you are going through right now. He is intimately familiar with the way you think. How you feel about things. He knows your heart and the desires that He gave you. He has been plotting your success in His kingdom before you were even born. With kindness and patience He moves us into His heart where He reveals who He is for us right now. We get engulfed in His love, rejuvenated in His presence. Faith, hope and love begin to manifest in us from Him and we are filled with ideas, encouragement, solutions and thoughts that come from heaven instead of the earth and hell. He never looks at what we aren’t doing and how we are failing and falling short of His glory, but rather, He is looking to give us something that we can receive from Him right now that will make us more like Him.

He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah sitting in all majesty and authority and glory, all powerful forever, on His throne at the right hand of the Father, and He knows your name and has prepared a place for you forever in eternity now and eternity future. He is the lamb for you who gave everything out of love for the Father, Spirit and You. He overcame all evil, darkness, sin, transgression, iniquity, strongholds, negativity, temptations and is resurrected from the dead. He has supremacy in all things and He is for you and has hidden your life in Himself. The Lion and the Lamb and all that He is and everything in between is in you and He is working out what He started in you to make His house out of a living body filled with glory. He is in love with you, not the way we love but the way He loves.

Come and discover how He loves us so as we see Him we can become like Him and learn to love others with His heart and transform everything around us with His love. We overcome evil and darkness with His goodness. We have powerful weapons which are spirit given to us by God to tear down strongholds and remove us from captivity, negativity, thought patterns that are corrupt, sickness, bondage and He has delivered us from all these things and seated us with Him in the heavenly places. Hope and faith always cause us to move toward Him, they are attributes that He has given us because they always require a response from us. You are blessed, being blessed and will be blessed. Our God loves process its where we encounter Him and He wouldn’t trade it away for anything because He is raising Sons and Daughters and knows what is best for us.


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