Book Review: There Is More! by Randy Clark

Reclaiming The Power of Impartation

Review by Bill Zersen

Some of you know that I have been part of a group that we call the Lyceum – after the location in ancient Greece where a person could talk about anything they wanted to without any recrimination. In our Lyceum, we also could talk about anything except that our group specified that it had to be a Christian subject. With that in mind, if the Lyceum was functioning this year, I might have read this book and discussed it with the group. My write-up would be my talking paper. I would typically give an overview of the contents of the book and talk about the different chapters. But, I don’t want to spend the time right now that it would take to provide you an overview.

So, I want to talk about this book but I am not positive how I should do it. So I am going to write some quotes from the book – in page order but selected at random!

“Part I: Restoring the Lost Doctrine of Impartation” (5 Chapters)

  • P.29. Randy Clark (RC): “I am going after You (the Lord), I am going to return to emphasizing the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Even if half of the church leaves when You come, I want You to come.”
  • P.32. RC: “Revival always follows the desperation the God gives. The flesh hates desperation for God; it’s only the Spirit that gives that.”
  • P.36. God: “And do not become anxious because when you become anxious, you can’t hear me.”
  • P.39. RC: “…I heard the still, small (non-audible) voice of the Lord speak to me.”
  • P.41. RC: “My comment was directed to the lack of joy that comes from an emphasis upon doing rather than being.”
  • P.57. RC: “What more could have happened had the churches embraced the outpouring of God instead of generally rejecting it?”
  • P.57. RC: “I have a hope for the next move not to be missed by the majority of the church.”
  • P.58. RC: “Reformation theology in effect became a hindrance to discovering or returning to the more biblical understanding of the message of the kingdom and the work of the Holy Spirit.”
  • P.72. RC: “If it couldn’t be explained, it didn’t happen.”
  • P.75. RC: “However, he (Jonathan Edwards) always judged whether the manifestations were from God or not, not by the degree of manifestation, but rather from the fruit that followed.”
  • P.86. RC: “It is disappointing to me how much prejudice there still is in the church towards Pentecostals.”
  • P.89. RC: “What drew the people were the miracles of God.”
  • P.92. Spurgeon: “Ministers have gone on in dull routine, continually preaching – preaching – preaching, and little good has been done.”
  • P.96. RC, regarding Pope Leo (1878-1903): “…he dedicated the 20th Century to the Holy Spirit…”
  • P.98-103. Titled: “Are We Ready?”
    1. “Just as the Roman Catholic Church petitioned God for another Pentecost at the turn of the century and then again in the 1960s, but still couldn’t embrace the Spirit when He came, so was the response of the majority of the Protestant church. The Roman Catholic Church relegated the new presence of the Spirit to special groups outside the regular worship service. In like manner, many traditional Protestant denominations allowed their ‘closet charismatic’ fellowships of pastors and leaders. But they, too, did not dare to bring the new dynamic of the Spirit into the normal worship service.”
    2.  “For too many, the local church is no longer functioning as a theocracy where God is in control, but either a pure democracy …or a republican form of government where…”
    3. “I am afraid this last move of God that came to the church in the 90s and quickly spread around the world, was rejected largely because of the tension between man and God for control of the liturgy or order of service. It seems to me that every major revival of the twentieth century involved God attempting to restore His control over the church…”

“Part II: Into The Harvest Field – Fruit That Will Last” (3 Chapters) and

“Part III: Evangelism and Missions – The Power Factor” (5 Chapters)

The “Fruit” and “Evangelism” chapters have many different stories about what is happening around the world:

  • Mozambique (Heidi and Rolland Baker)
  • Argentina (Anibal Mindyk)
  • Philadelphia, PA (Jim Mandel)
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL (Mike Kaylor)
  • Sao Paulo (Pastor Silvio)
  • California (Teresa Seputis)
  • China (Dayoung Kimn)
  • Brazil (Gary Oates)
  • Brazil (Lucas Sheridan)
  • Norway (Leif Hetland)
  • Vancouver BC (Steve Stewart)

And many others! Although the one I was very interested in was the story told by Father Bob Jepson, an Anglican Pastor in Oceanside, California.

The last Chapter, Number 13 is titled: “How to Receive an Impartation.” I haven’t read this Chapter and the CONCLUSION at this point. So I will have to leave the information about the book as to what I’ve written above.

May the Lord give you the interest to obtain a copy of this book, read it, and cry out to the Lord for Revival in your churches.

By the way, the next book I currently have and am going to read is “The Essential Guide to Healing, Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick,” by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark.

May the Risen Christ pierce you heart with a hunger for the unsaved!

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