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 Partial Excerpt of the Facebook Post – “Lately He (God) has me encountering many people who have walked with the Lord for a long time. He also has me loving on the elderly.  I have been learning two thing of late, when you run into a person who has walked with God a long time and they are healthy in their walk, regardless of the revelation they have they have cultivated with God ask them to pray for you it’s amazing!” ….. ……. After a lovely recount of an encounter with a 90 year old…..then, this statement “Many believers of season who have been feeling forgotten or obsolete He (God) is reminding them who He made them to be…..”  May 11, 2013 

I would like to add to the above with the following, as there is “Kingdom Treasure” here:



 weddiningring_kingdom_13When just a child, my mother took me to government and private facilities holding those with “mental impairment” or the “aged”.   My mother modeled kindness and respect for those older than she, no matter what the environment.  She inspired the same in me.  And, on this mother’s day, I say “thank you” Mum! 



As a child, my mother wanted me to learn the value of human life, because every9834513 individual was fashioned with the “Image of God”.  And, I, as Jesus’ “little one”, was filled with His influence and dedicated to His desires. It is an honour to love those He Loves. Even beyond this, there is a “God Destiny” in these childhood experiences, reaching far beyond the years For Such A Time As This…. Yes, there is an important “Kingdom Intention” for this epoch in God’s workings within humankind.  Perhaps, as a group, we can engage the Holy Spirit’s desires on this regard.

In any event, these visits, were amazing opportunity to bring the influential love of God’s Kingdom between the generations! – Sadly, few of my age group, or any age group for that matter, voluntarily visited. Even in the day, what ever those not belonging to God’s Kingdom tagged it, their disdain for what they perceived to no longer have value was horrifying!  Since that time, the love born in my heart for those of advancing years has only grown.



 Recently, I saw this sad state of affairs with my father.  (Just passing away 3 weeks ago).  Vibrant, but ill….! 82 yrs old, but really going on 25 yrs. old! Doctors, nurses and support staff, even some claiming to be Jesus’ children, treated my father with contempt.  There lying in the Critical Care Unit, father was a “piece of meat” from a bygone day.  I tried very hard to put a face on his intrinsic value, but, there was nothing in the souls of his caregivers from which to grab! Nothing in which to appeal!  No remnant sense of decency or even self-interest.  – After all what could my father give them?  In their own words, “He had a good life… now its time to go!” or, “It is not natural for people to live that long, take him home to die!”



In Support of The Holy Spirit’s

“In Transit” Appointments

2114564 Finally, in the light of many years of demonstrated respect for my elders, and as my parents have aged, I regularly think about the relational and attitudinal complexion of God’s Children towards our elder members. I ask, are only those that are younger, recipients of “Word of Knowledge” or “Word of Wisdom?”  Is the “Prophetic only assigned to those under a certain age?  Are Holy Spirit born “Visions and Dreams” gifted only to those who have decades of earthly life yet to live?  That is to say, those whom have an assumed “earthly future”? 

Or, when that one, now of advanced physical years was young, are their earlier “Godknowitistrue_girljeans_forsuchadayasthis_12 Promises” (not yet fulfilled) “cancelled out”, now due to being 70 or 80 or 90 years of age? Let us experience the fullest value of the Kingdom’s interest in all that are living and breathing. Let us fix our attitudes on the truth of Jesus’ loving influence on all living generations.  Supporting the Holy Spirit’s “in transit appointments” for the “yet to mature”, “the maturing” and “the matured”, only advances your destiny and that of His Kingdom. This is spiritually profound and awesome and captivating… Live This And Grow In Christ and Within The Influence of His Heavenly Kingdom on Earth!

P.S. I hope to write more articles on this subject in the near future. I have a few stories to tell about “God Destiny” for those in their advanced physical years. These true events are from the last year with my father.  Also, the recounting of an experience with a “Great-Grandmother”, there in the Critical Care Unit and her answer to my prayers (begun at two years of age).  –  All about “God’s Ageless Destiny I hope that these stories and the lessons they provide will further inspire God’s sons and daughters regarding His “still-to-be-realized” destiny in all ages and at all stages of living. 

Linda 1 003Happy Mother’s Day Mum! You are my “forever inspiration” in “all things” Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – And The Heavenly Kingdom!  May you be blessed with all that which still awaits God’s fulfillment in your life! After all “God’s Destiny is Ageless”!

  Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott

Copyright – 2013

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