Freedom of Forgiveness

Ever want to give someone a “piece of your mind”? Maybe get back at those who have truly hurt you, misjudged you, slandered you with the malice of the evil one?

Many of us know that not forgiving someone, harboring unforgiveness in our heart is like drinking poison and hoping the other person gets sick. Many people are sick today because of this spiritual condition of not forgiving. This includes not forgiving yourself.

The lord has given us a remedy of His vindication for this malady. When we give our rights of unforgiveness away to the Lord He trades with us and we get His peace and love instead of the pain that we have carried so long because of events and people that have hurt us. This is how we guard our heart so we can live in the wellspring of His love. Overflow of His presence happens here.

The victory occurs when you think of that person or event, you no longer rehearse unforgiveness or remember that event with pain. Instead there is His joy and peace settling over your heart. Now you are thinking with the mind of Christ and the person who harmed you, no longer has any power over you.

Its the other way around, what they meant for harm God has turned to good for your promotion in Him. The persons who released the harm to you through words and actions now returns to them. This is the law of reciprocity (sowing and reaping)

It is very important to ask the lord who you have harmed in this way. Then you can break those words or actions you released in the realm of the spirit into others. Repent. Renounce the words, thoughts and actions and ask the Lord to remove those actions from your life so the evil one doesn’t gain a foothold in your life in which he can operate.

There is much freedom and liberty in Christ in doing this. Its not something just granted, you have to do the work. Its so worth it. We hope to see you this Saturday, May 10th at 7:30 PM at Hope Lutheran Church in Westminster. Holy Spirit is wanting to heal he whole person.

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