God of All Comfort

Doesn’t it just beg the question when our Father names Himself the compassionate one and the God of all comfort? He so knows that the short time we spend on the earth is going to be so impacted and compacted with life events, some which will bring us enormous pain. In the context of eternity, every tear all our sorrow will turn to joy, but in the meantime …

Holy Spirit calls Himself our comforter. He names Himself to us and who He wants to be for us. He knows how to dwell in our being and bring His eternal presence into our being. In His eternal presence we know profound comfort that last an eternity.

As we receive comfort from Him we are now able to comfort others. We partake of His divine nature when we bring comfort to those that need encouragement, to be lifted up, a kind word, to stand with those that can no longer stand in their time of need.

Suffering of Christ flows into our lives, its a grace given to us so we can become like Him, conversely through Christ are comfort overflows in Him. Sometimes we feel as we are under a sentence of death, this is for our benefit so we know that our help comes from Him and Him alone. He wants us to know Him in resurrection. He is a life giving Spirit. There is no death in Him, nor you as you abide.

This is such a time of distress for so many. I have never seen the like in my years on the earth. You are not alone in this. Hold fast, embrace the Comforter. He wants you to know Him this way while you are in your temporary circumstances of distress. The morning will come and peace like a river will crest in your lives as we overcome in Christ.

We meet to hear from Him, to know Him and allow Him to comfort and encourage us. We will be engaging our Father and He delights in being who He is for us. We then learn how to comfort one another. We are meeting this Saturday, May 17th in Encinitas at Beacons Bible Church at 7:30 PM and we are meeting Saturday, May 24th at Hope Church in Westminster at 7:30 PM.

He calls to you and invites you to the table He has set for His bride.


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