Holy Spirit, the Person

Holy Spirit has been a person for a long time, no beginning and no end. He builds relationships that last. He understands you well. He likes you and He loves you. What’s not to love about Him?

He knows exactly how to encourage us and inspire us. Comfort is not something He does its who He is. Pressure, anxiety, fear, weariness all the things of this world and the enemy try to impart to us fade away in His presence and take their proper place beneath us as He raises us up in His loving embrace.

He shows us mysteries. He explains the deep things of Christ. He reveals the truth behind the written word. He sets us up for promotions, encounters, relationships that move us past carnality and temptation into the spiritual and tangible life of Christ. He unveils Him in our lives in our new nature.

He will talk to you about anything. His perspective is always uplifting, encouraging filled with hope that move us in actions of faith. He is Kind, humorous, good natured, always has something great to say about everything. He absolutely brings the light of His presence into our eyes so we can see Jesus, see His life and plan in others as well as ourselves.

Holy Spirit is great at healing, prophesying, teaching, evangelizing, casting out demons, preaching the gospel, multiplying food, He loves doing signs and wonders. He has a good word and work about every person you would ever meet. He loves it when you become a witness of Christ and live in the freedom that He wants you to have.

He has invited you into relationship with Him. He is above the Bible and apart from Him you can’t know His written word from His perspective and with His heart. We will be asking Him to reveal these truths this Saturday night to all of us. You are welcomed and loved by Him and all that join us on this night for He draws us to Himself.

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