Victories that Last

Father loves it when we learn to cultivate sustainable victories in Him.  Having to take and retake the same territory over and over becomes wearisome. Reviewing all your good intentions, New Years resolutions and improvement projects how are you doing with those? Why do we need to continue to get in shape, diet, spend time with God, deal with relationship issues, work on mercy, forgiveness, bad habits, broken ways of being, addictions to only find temporary victories through our efforts of the soul that usually don’t last.  Israel may have walked around a mountain for 40 years how long have you walked around the mountain of these issues that you get no lasting victory over?  Primary reason we don’t get lasting victories is because we only do window dressing instead of changing our whole lifestyle. We try and change behaviors when we haven’t cultivated a culture of transformation by taking thoughts captive one by one and replacing them with new thoughts that renew our mind, patterns of thinking, where a new lifestyle is birthed.  We have a new nature in Christ.  Living in that new nature is a matter of transformation. Most of us only deal with the symptoms that plague us rather than the system that is producing our behaviors that we are trying to overcome.  Our system, what we believe, is how we will live life and function.  When you rid yourself of your culture or life system that is plaguing you by working with God in the new system He has placed you in with Christ, transformation happens where:

  1. Negative thoughts are taken captive and held to the standard of Gods love for you. This inspires healthy thoughts in your life that Christ is giving you because you have the access to the mind of Christ.
  2. He imparts life giving thoughts to you and as you come into agreement with Him you begin to believe differently about life. Your system begins to change.
  3. You can now make healthy choices that produce a life sustaining culture in your new nature. Your attitude will change, hopelessness replaced with hope, discouragement with encouragement, results happen.
  4. Your healthy choices now produce new behaviors and patterns where your inner man is transformed. You have cultivated a life giving culture in your person that is sustainable because your operating system has been changed.

You are loved and blessed. Hope to see all of you this Saturday, June 14th at Hope Lutheran Church 7:30 PM in Westminster CA.

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