Washing Off the Distress

Many of us have known distress in our lives. We even can relate all to familiar with the words David spoke thousands of years ago:

“Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am in distress;
my eyes grow weak with sorrow,
my soul and body with grief.

My life is consumed by anguish
and my years by groaning;
my strength fails because of my affliction,
and my bones grow weak.”

Our Eyes are a lamp for us to see the goodness of God and experience Him in our whole being.  Our beings can endure an assault on our senses that at times drains the very life and hope out of us.  We have incoming every single day of our lives. We now live in a very stressful world and environment just like David was experiencing.

Our soul, spirit and body was not made to be assaulted like this everyday with the brokenness of the world and are participation in that brokenness. Many of us at times break down, we get sick, discouraged and weary.  We need to be renewed and washed often.

The world can cover us in a film of distress where we can’t see God or hear Him. The windows of our soul become so covered with distress and anxiety that are eyes get covered and light is hidden from our eyes.

Living water removes this film from our beings. Jesus washes us in the springs of His life in His Fathers presence. Its a real place, every tear, all distress, worry and anxiety that we experience in the world is washed off of us so we can live in renewed presence.

Blessing you all with a good clean Holy Spirit bath washed in living water for the renewal of your whole being.


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