Quenching the Thirst of the Soul

Our souls encounter the natural world in such a vivid way. Our senses are located in our soul. The soul is made both for the supernatural and the natural. King David knew the pain of the soul and often cried out to God to bring him relief. Much of the Psalms are written about this very issue of rest and restoration of the soul.

Each day your soul is assaulted with many messages, how your soul interprets those sounds, words, colors and events determines your feelings and the amount of pressure, stress and anxiety your body will take direction from your soul on how to respond to these events going on all around you.

Jesus talks about this as He invites us to give to Him those soul burdens that weight us down and cause us such distress. With practice we can learn to exchange with him the weight of the world that we carry for His rest.

Demands on your time, sickness, financial issues, media, news, family problems, stress, fear and anxiety. Your soul will take all of these things into its nature and try and process and cope. The problem for most of us is that the soul is not meant to be the ruler of us nor was it made to do this.

We are invited into the rest of God by way of our spirit man. Your spirit is designed to rule and reign with Christ. Taking direction from your spirit man who dwells continually with Christ takes practice. Yielding to your spirit over the souls need to cope, control and preserve its life and place of ruler in your heart is the matter of where the work takes place to enter His rest. Hope I am not losing you.

Your spirit when divided from your soul (this is something you must ask God to do) will now take its place in communion with Holy Spirit in your inner man. (the practice of communion is for this very purpose) Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Your spirit will know His presence take every thought and event captive in His presence, where His perfect love cast out all fear in your inner being.

Your spirit communicates this message to your soul of peace, love, hope, steadfastness in His abiding presence and your soul communicates to your physical body all is well in spite of any circumstances going on in your life. The reality of the life in the spirit trumps the life of your circumstances. The spirit man when ruling in your life will attract more of heaven and the abundant life comes rushing in. Jesus lived this very life while on the earth so can we.

You are loved and blessed,

John and Jill

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