Adam, “Where are You”

After the fall, Father calls out to Adam and Eve looking for His image in Adam and Eve and He doesn’t see it. He wasn’t looking for information as to their whereabouts. He was looking at a distortion that broke His heart saying Adam and Eve what have you done with my image and the location in which I placed you, in the whole of the earth.

God saw that Adam and Eve lost the title deed to the earth and Satan now becomes the ruler of the prince of the air in the earth taking the place of Adam and Eve. Hence when Satan offered Jesus the Kingdoms of the earth, it was a legitimate offer. 

Jesus did so much more on the cross than we yet understand. He took the title deed back to the earth and He now is the legitimate ruler of the Kingdom of the earth. He restored our image of God in our new nature so that the Father knows His creation the way He made us in His Son. He see His image in us once again, not asking us, Where are you but now is saying come closer and know me as I know you.

Its a beautiful invitation from our Father to see Him as He is and become like Him, the way He made us. This is His plan of redemption that He has given us in Christ for us and the whole creation.This is why His eyes go to and fro over the earth. He is searching for the record of the life of His son in all of us. There is something in us that is longing for more than what we now see and experience. That something is our true being in Him.

Father is giving us revelation for our day into that new nature as He brings His government to the earth as it is in heaven through His house the bride.

Learning to take responsibility for Sonship given to us in Christ is something we have to learn. We bear His image fully restored, without distortion, to represent Him on the earth which we now have full rights to again in Christ. I am being called to walk in this revelation to learn how to become a son while I walk this earth. He has invited all who hear His voice to come into this truth of Sonship. His eyes are on you because you bear the marks of His only begotten son.

We are meeting this Saturday, September 20th at 7:30 PM at Hope Lutheran Church in Westminster CA to learn how to become sons and daughter of God in His Kingdom to walk with Him. You are invited.

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