Prevailing Goodness

His prevailing goodness for us expressed in His son, never fails. We live in such different days than we knew just a decade ago. So much change. He does not change but our revelation of Him needs to so we can know life in our appointed days on the earth. Jesus is that life.

Wherever this note finds you may you know above all else that His love for you is unfailing. He does not waiver in His goodness expressed for you when He knew you before the world was made. Many of you know discouragement in “waiting upon God” for the fulfillment of His word to you. Breakthroughs are not happening and you find yourself in the same circumstance from years ago.

Some of you have done a lot of hard work that comes through the process of transformation with Him. Your minds are being renewed and you are thinking differently and walking in His ways. Maturing in Christ is a process and not always easy.

None of us were called into Sonship to become less. When Jesus becomes more you also become more in Him with your new nature. This nature partakes of the Christ life in you. It is in this place that God is wanting to mature us so that we can receive what He wants to give us. He wants to give us solid food. We have been on infant formula for a long time.

Understand that He is the one making changes so that we will draw near to Him. Abiding in God in the deep places of His heart will never bring status quo. He wants revealed sons and daughters. This requires us to see Him as He is and become what we see in our Father. This is a life of power wrapped in love giving off the fragrance of His life in you.

John the Baptist was the greatest prophet of all. The least person in the Kingdom of God is greater than John. We all qualify for the least. We can begin to grasp the idea of sonship through His promise to never leave us or forsake as He transforms us to the image we are truly in.

We love you all and hope to see you this Saturday down in Encinitas if you are in the area. Be encouraged in your heart and finish well for the life He has given you in His son. It is fantastic.

You are loved and blessed.

John & Jill

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