Not Always Easy

The idea that following Christ, bearing fruit and bringing heaven to earth would be easy and without cost is only supported by those who have taken no ground.

Every promise you have from God will be challenged and tested. Words of encouragement and prophecy at times will be delayed and misunderstood.

You will be tempted with discouragement, disappointment and hopelessness. God is not the one tempting you. Its the dross in your life He is kindly removing. It skews our identity. He flushes out every thought that has any agreement with darkness.

You will be more perplexed and challenged the closer you draw near to your promises. Quitting will seem much more sensible than pursuing God. When your at that point your breakthrough has arrived.

He never gives us more than we can handle. He does give us things to handle to shape us into royalty. Die quietly, live courageously, overcome evil with good.

God is good, near and ever present. He makes us lionhearted. He doesn’t give us sicknesses, things that are from hell but He does show us how to overcome them when we are confronted with the schemes of the enemy.

The value to Him of your faith tested in the fire can’t be overstated. He is pleased with your faith. He takes pleasure in it. The joy He has for you now and in the future can’t be compared to the circumstances we are going through now that seem overwhelming at times.

Take heart, overcome, be encouraged. He won’t leave you. You are close your redemption draws near. He is breathing on you even now can you not perceive it?

He is doing a new thing with you. He is transforming many of us one thought at a time as our mind is renewed precept upon precept. He is a Holy God.

You are loved and blessed.

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