Your Spirit Man

Tired, rundown, weary feeling kind of hopeless at times is a condition in the soul.

The soul is quite different than your spirit. Most of us only know how to live from our soul. Its why we get run down, have a hard time hearing from God.

Depression, oppression, anger, indifference, fear and anxiety come from your soul being overwhelmed. Your soul just can’t process all the stuff. Your soul remembers everything at every age, every word and event. It also interprets your DNA and what was passed on to you.

Your thoughts, will and emotions reside in your soul. You experience and encounter the natural realm mostly in your soul. Your soul is what falls asleep at night. If your having trouble sleeping its because your soul is still processing many things.

Jesus gives rest to our soul and refreshes our spirit man which never sleeps. Our spirit is pre-loaded with the knowledge of the person of God and knows His breath in us. Its why we can meet Him. He made a place for Himself in the spirit of every single person that ever was or will be.

Our spirit man will always arise and try to save us when our soul has given up. Our spirit man is meant to rule over us not our soulish man. When the soul rules we will never hear from God the way we are meant to know Him.

The spirit man is at the core of our being in the image of God. God is spirit so are you. Having our spirit divided from our soul is a must. They work together but don’t live in the same space one rules the other serves.

When our soul is in charge we live with the knowledge of our fallen sin nature. We are never enough. Constantly we are looking for ways to be accepted, to please. We preserve ourselves and stay hidden. Because the soul knows its naked and there is no covering. The law was its false covering for many years.

The spirit however never sleeps and was made to rule over our soul subject to Christ in us where we learn what it means to live by the Spirit.

Your spirit will interpret the things the soul has experienced from the knowledge of God and bring you life and peace where there was once fear and death.

The spirit knows it won’t die and is alive forever in Christ. The soul that sins knows it will die and fear is its master. Trying to control your environment, order things so nothing can go wrong is the work of the soul. There is little peace there.

Its a wonderful thing to sit with Him and ask Him to divide your soul and spirit. He will put your spirit man on the throne of your government with God where you rule and reign subject to the King of Kings.

Your soul is not bad or evil. It is wonderfully made. Its was never designed to do the job so many of us have it doing. Its why so many of us our worn out, tired, anxious, filled with fear.

Medication will not fix the problem of a soul overtaxed. Giving your soul a new job description and location is the remedy that will bring you peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

As always you are loved and blessed.

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