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John and Jill KloosJohn and Jill Kloos along with many passionate believers founded “For Such A Day As This Ministries.” There is in the heart of the Father His desire to see His children do really well while we walk the earth. It is His heart that we step into what He has for each one of us. It was never intended by Father,Son and Holy Spirit to have others have our relationship with Him for us. We love the ministers of the gospel in Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelist they are given to us by Christ to build us up for the days in which we live in on the earth. Each one of us has a remarkable call on our lives by God to fulfill the great commission with power demonstrated in love through the Holy Spirit who lives in us for a purpose so that we might be witnesses of Jesus the Christ and that our testimonies would express the eternal plan of Father God expressed in His gospel given to us by His Son that salvation has come through Jesus and we represent His light to a dark world with love and power. This is your time on the earth not to be wasted in the empty ways of our fore fathers or spent upon the desires of this world which are coming to nothing and passing away. As you go in your day you carry with you and in you the presence of God with favor to reveal the beloved Son to all those that would hear His voice and be transformed forever by His love. At work, at home, wherever you are in your day, we preach and demonstrate this gospel in its fullness to our joy and He is with us even to the end. You are a blessed and powerful bride destined for glory!

John and Jill Kloos come along side the Body of Christ as a father and mother to reveal the kindness of a gracious God who is always good. He demonstrates His love through John and Jill by encouraging the Body in the prophetic, healing the whole person, words of knowledge and teaching in revelation from the Holy Spirit.John has served the Body of Christ in various capacities for many years: he served as an elder for 16 years, ran youth programs, taught adult education, studied apologetics, and trained in systematic theologies and church growth. Jill has organized several small group studies and has discipled many women throughout California.

Together, they are both moved by the Holy One to help others put on Christ and to walk into their callings to become everything God made them to be. They release an impartation of encouragement and freedom where the Lord breaks off unbelief and fear over the lives of His children and imparts faith and a revelation of His son. Their ministry teams travel to many churches throughout the Southern California area and hold teaching classes and partner with other churches that are thirsty and hungry for encounters with the Holy Spirit.

John and Jill work full time in the market place. They help establish other ministries throughout California and work with many others to demonstrate the reality of the kingdom of God. Both of have been walking with the Lord for many decades and continue to learn and grow in grace under the love of the Father.

John and Jill have been separately blessed with four wonderful children from prior marriages . Their long-term courtship was a strong example and source of encouragement to many young people whom they mentor, and their wedding in April of 2010 was a glorious celebration of God’s redemptive love. They currently reside in Fountain Valley, CA, and continue to serve as spiritual parents to many younger adults in the Southern California area.

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