Kingdom GPS Required – A Detour A Day Keeps Kingdom Reward Away

Why Didn’t You Just Say So!  I Could Have What?

(Unless familiar with….Read John 20 and 21 Before Enjoying This Article)

detour_boxergirl_13Maybe “Detours” Are All About Someone Making Money on “Detour” Signage?

Who’s “brain child” is the alternate route or the roadwork “detour”? Don’t you just dislike being re-routed? Detours rarely seem to happen at the right time. This re-routing of our treasured time inspires traffic backups or fender benders or just plain frustrates, all the while making one late to their destination.  And, what about a tad bit extra car juice at the gasoline pump? Sometimes, it seems downright abusive to personal well-being.  Detours of any kind bring penalty! …… I say, let’s just get there straightaway!

Go To Galilee Already!  

What About “I Will Go Ahead”

Don’t You Understand?

Three times in the book of Matthew, Peter, John and others were instructed to meet the Lord in Galilee after His resurrection. –  First, by Jesus during His betrayal night Passover meal.  Again, three days later by an angel to Mary Magdalene and the other women, on the occasion of the resurrection. And, the third time, by a resurrected Jesus.   (Matthew 26:32, 28:7, 28:9-10). But, Peter, John and others, stayed in Jerusalem. Having fled behind closed doors, they cowered in fear. Despite this Jesus appeared to them, imparting the courage and inclination to proceed to their destiny, He breathed the “new kind of God life” into them. But, that is for another discussion.

Get Moving There Is Nothing To See Here!


It’s To The Beach For You.

Jesus made a “Magisterial Pronouncement,I will go ahead of you, leading the way to Galilee” – This is the type of grand announcement.  How do I know, it is in the “context” and in the Greek word for “leading ahead or going ahead” – “proaxo”, and for a few other reasons.  A “Magisterial Pronouncement” is emphatic! – The person making it can administer or determine “destiny” to one on the other end of the pronouncement.  And, in this case, the first part of this geographical relocation request, makes the meeting up elsewhere possible – “After I am raised up”. In other words, “I have Risen”, and important “Kingdom on Earth Things” are now possible. – Let’s get to it!  So, no detours here, just permission for warp speed down the freeway to the beach!” And, in John 21, the beach is exactly where Jesus was waiting as someone with legal rights and power.

Taking A Survey – Are You Flabbergasted About

God Appointments Delayed?

So, I ask, why didn’t they go straight to the beach?  Perhaps, they didn’t understand yet, what “New Man” implies.  Not quite, comprehending what a “dead person coming back to life” means either!  Or, “That the Jesus who walks through physical structures is one worth taking seriously!” To be fair, wouldn’t you be a bit befuddled? However, some things about the Kingdom Son’s or Daughter’s agility to follow God’s “bouncing ball” of clear direction, do not change.  Often, we are slow to put our foot on the gas pedal of The Holy Spirit’s leading. What if we ran not walked or dillydallied to our next God-Appointment?  How different would our lives be?

19732021Destiny Delayed” isn’t as simple as “Destiny Denied”. –   Because, there is always, “His Grace”.  On the other hand, because “Divine Reward” can be missed, along with the dismissal of “Divine Appointment”, why opt out on the joy and the love and the peace of this kind of Heavenly advancement? The engraved invitation that starts with “now”, is worth opening.  In any event, there in John 20, Jesus still visited Peter and John and Thomas, and the others, even though the halls of Heaven reverbed in perpetual echo – “Go straight to Galilee, don’t stop, cower with fear, or be paralyzed with a bad case of “Gosh, I don’t know. – Kids-O-Mine … there and only there is Your New Assignment!”  Or, perhaps, maybe it is more like an ad infinitum sports chant, “Go, Go, Go, Go, Go….”

 Check Your God Appointment Calendar! 

Or, In Any Language …“Now Means Now”angel_gotogalilee_13

Back where they started, there in Galilee, Peter and a few others start again. This time, it is exceptionally different. In John Chapter 21, after the resurrection, in the sense that He was before, Jesus was no longer “Master” and they, the “Disciples” in their re-defined role too. Now, Sons and Daughters, they were to “cast their nets toward Kingdom Destiny”.  The Biblical text actually uses the word “Merous or Meris” which means “God – Appointed Destiny”. Where you ask?  When Jesus invites Peter and John and the other’s to “Cast their nets to the right side of the boat” – (Right side = Destiny or The Portion).  After all of this, the truth finally be understood, Jesus was triumphantly leading them all to His Destiny in and through them!  Wow, from the start it was so misunderstood by the disappointed band of Jesus followers. Yet, there, at the shores of Galilee something like a “Destination Wedding” was waiting to begin – The welcoming groom, Jesus. – The new bride, Peter, John and the others.  And, then the “I Do”, that act of “casting their nets towards a God- Appointed Destiny”.   woman-frustratednamechange23649315

Back To Where We Started …. Whose “brain child” is the “detour” from your Kingdom Destiny? Today, don’t you just dislike being re-routed? Detours rarely seem to happen at the right time. This re-routing of treasured time is a “detour” from Divine Appointment.  Fear or misunderstanding or anything, deters the rewards of aligning yourself with Kingdom participation. This could mean anything for you, delay in healing or material provision or joy and peace, etc. It is tiring “missing His mark” and it shouts “misunderstanding”. The Holy Spirit says, “Go to Galilee, Jesus is there waiting for you!”   I say, “Let’s get there straightaway!”

knowitistrue_girljeans_forsuchadayasthis_12DECLARATION OF MERIS or MEROUS

At peace with you Lord, I throw myself towards Heaven’s destiny. Like Peter and John and Thomas and Mary, I too am Your Child.  I run in the direction of Your appointed purposes. Now, today, I readily journey to the geography where You stand. – There waiting for me, “I do” is my vow.  I choose to wait for You in Galilee, Your plans for me bought with Your blood and treasure.  Raised, like You, I follow Your present influence into the world. I am a Child of Heavenly Destiny! Amen!

By Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott – Copyright 2013

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The Crowns Of Jesus’ Rewards, Kingdom Mall Walking And Your Life Song

(God teaches us about darkness and light, in our personal encounters and in His written documentation (Bible). What does that look like to you and me?)



Someday, in one poignant action, like that of Revelation’s 24 elders, will we also cast the “Crowns” of our “Rewards” to Jesus? While on the earth, the building ofcrowns” are a fruit of your willingness to embrace what is important to the Trinity.  Seeing, both spiritually and physically are profound treasures from God.  – Think about it, the “seeing” ability is magnificent!  The immeasurable benefits of “seeing” can never be realized. –  There is simply an eternity of things to behold.  But, with every glimpse or fixed watch there is new vista, and the enjoyment of our “life song” is further propagated.

So, how does the “benefits of seeing”, the adorning of the “Crowns” of our Heavenly Rewards”, and “Kingdom Mall Walking” go together?  Simple, the “Kingdom Mall Walk” fosters spiritual inspiration and includes God.  So, when you are out “window shopping” or purchasing something, keep the Heavenly Kingdom in your optics too.   The Trinity is already at the Mall Outlet and already with  you too. – The Holy Spirit desires to redemptively love people.

Why not acknowledge our Spiritual DNA, and participate? Grow in the “rewards” of His “Kingdom rule and reign”, and do that in the place where people daily live.  Your “life’s song” is meant to be in fine tune and amplified with the melody and lyric of the Heavenly Kingdom. – It is a performance that takes place where people daily live.  Oh, and, don’t forget to share your “Kingdom Mall- Walk” story with me. I would love to write about it!                                                            

A Kingdom Mall Walking Story

The Lights Were Off, But They Found Each Other Anyway

darkness_chains_med_13“Kingdom Mall Walking” again, I turned a corner. This time it was markedly different, but, I had meandered or briskly went this way before. Yet, today, Immediately, I noticed such darkness. Strange, the lights were on, and there was wild activity inside. – That is what my anatomical eyes spotted. Curiously, the darkness emanated from more than the clothing which signified their pact with something familiar. After all, I wear black, right? More than a means to identify those who “liked what they liked”, such as tattoos or dyed black hair. Their allure to something was conjoint. From the makeup artists, employed at this corner retail cosmetic outlet, to the enthusiasts by its entrance there was the black of night.

Then it happened, there within the stores front door, I finally understood. In split seconds, one girl embraced another, as if to say, “Welcome”. It was sincere on its face, and harmless enough. But, what was not verbalized blared more loudly. The girls’ true fraternity affiliations flung themselves plainly into my spiritual sight. – Twins in darkness clothed in “faux” light. The Heavenly Kingdom observer was evoked, and it was me! There I was with the Holy Spirit, and He had something to show me. That something is this, Kingdom Mall Walking” story.

With The Lights On There Is

A Heavenly Sagenessseelight_13

“Light”, originating, from a natural or supernatural agent, stimulates sight and makes things visible. Through the “light”, those present things or beings, or creatures, places or attitudes are illumined. Naturally, “light” is that sensation which produces the stimulation of our sight organs. “Light” is a radiance from a particular source. “Light’s” illumination can be dim, bright, brighter and brighter still.

After this cosmetic store scenario highlighted” by the Holy Spirit, I thought…“I am overwhelmed with clarity of spiritual sight. Where is this leading?” The insight was living, just like the One who supplied it! I was in a sageness” adventure, dispatched from Heaven! God, tapped me on the shoulder”, and said, “Linda, I want you to see this. The “spiritual flood lights” were turned by God, and it was glaring at first!

In my mind, as I continued theKingdom Mall Walk”, the Holy Spirit replayed the one girl greeting the other. The spiritually clandestine affinity shared by the two was motivated by a “dark sincerity”. The clothing and other adornments were a group “password” for “living without light”.  What they really loved was the “darkness”, and they loved it together. What it looked like to my natural eye, it was not. It was not a cordial greeting of two people, a merely polite social exercise. It was much more, and it was happening with variety of expressions in malls world-wide.

ON THE LAST LAP – His Living Song in My Life Song

The Spiritual Front Story

7233354In America, when a person moves into a condominium, they usually and mandatorily become a part of itsAssociation”. Whether they participate actively or not, they are a member of a community of persons living in the same geographical and physical location. This relationship of proximity establishes a common bond. Shared entrances, common grounds, shared community pool and clubhouse, etc. Residents pay monthly dues or sometimes “Special Assessments”, and, if not, they are eventually evicted. It is like this with what God tags as “darkness” or as light”. Every human person liveswith” or “without” the lights on! We each belong to one “spiritual community”, or the other.

For those living with ascent in the shadows, there are dues to pay. For the “hugging mall girls”, it could be any matter of destructive evil. Because their affinity is to all that God isn’t, they belong to a “spiritual geography” and a “community of persons” who embrace harmful intelligent forces. During my “Kingdom Mall Walk”, I saw this through the Holy Spirit’s eyes, there inside a cosmetic store. I was only rounding a corner. But, beyond the talented cosmetic artisans and the cool makeup was the dark authoritative action, only visible with “spiritual eyes”. Without the optic of the Holy Spirit, I was mindful of evil’s presence, the Scriptures tell me so. But, to really “see” the spiritual front story”, I needed to “seewhat Hesees”, and that day, I did.

Twins in Darkness Clothed in “Faux” Light

So, what would you do with my Divine encounter? Does it “amen” God documentations found in His written truth – The Bible? Yes, but, more than words on a page, the real fellowship or participation in the community of darkness” is daily seen in shopping outlets everywhere! Reading about it, is very different than “seeing” it from the Holy Spirits eyes! We, like those described in the Bible, must “see it for ourselves.

Is Your Heavenly Crown Lacking Bling?

 The Heavenly Front Story

At the shopping mall or outlet, the natural sight is stimulated, bmalls_13ut what about your “spiritual sight?At first, it may seem that the “embracing girls” are a “Heavenly back story” to the purpose of the shopping mall. But, no it is a “Heavenly front story, and it is happening today in “Forever 21” or “Macy’s” or “American Eagle”, or “Aéropostale” and the “Apple Retail”.  It is of a God – birthed origination, and this makes it the only “front story” with eternal predominating influence. If not inclined or ameniable to the Holy Spirit’s “Do you see what I see?” Or, “Let me explain this to you”, yourHeavenly Crownis lacking “bling!” The benefits of “Kingdom Living” are being blown for what, just “jeans”, or a new “baseball cap”, or, “food –court fare”, or the finest technological gadget?

Oh Say Can Your See? 

As Kingdom Children, The Lights Are Always On!

On the second floor of this California mall, I was seeing both with my natural optics and the Eyes of the Holy Spirit”. Not with the dimness of candle light, but with the power of a “flood light” – I could see into the distance and all around too. And, this “God and Me” time impressed a spiritual sense, explained in the Scriptures through the documented encounters of the others. For me, it was the Bible in “real-time“.

So what did I see? “Darkness” as a “real place”, and a powerful influence and a “ruling kingdom” with laws and slum lords – It is a compelling and dominating force. And, “light” was “what” and “whom” the Bible informed us to be.

light_2_13In the Bible, “light”, like a diamond has multi-faceted meaning. For example, “Light” is a Heavenly illumination reflective from God and it stimulates our “spiritual sight”. “Light” is also the intrinsic nature of God. “Light” is opposed to darkness. “Light” illuminates that which is God’s reality. “Light” is contrast. In comparison, “darkness” assures that one bumps or falls or damages their self. “Darkness”, inevitably maltreats its victims. Light”, inevitably profits its disciple. God is not found in darkness. In fact, “love” and “light” are used interchangeably as synonyms, for God is love.

There is more, when the Bible uses the word “light”, it means, “truth”. Accurate in daily living, “light” keeps us from harm, helping to navigate away from that which is dangerous. Or, it encourages us to run to that which is beneficial. When cooperating with God’s “light”, the illumination brings vision, wisdom and foresight. From the vision of God’s character, His “light” is His person: His perspective, power, influence, personality, etc. It is not our “truth”, but Him who is “Truth” itself. When we are “in the light”, this means we are under the jurisdiction of His knowledge of all things. As sons and daughters, we have in our possession the virtues of God in our invisible selves. His “light” carries His character to us by reflection of His particular qualities. So, “light as knowledge” means we are rich in the things of Heaven. In contrast, “darkness” signifies privation of knowledge and of virtue.

These poor “embracing girls”, very much in the clutches of what they did not see. It was too dark. And, I, in the brightness, seeing what they must see, before it was too late.


Seizing the Kingdom Day

Towards the end of this day’s walk, I looked up, and there he was, “I Fear God” t-shirt and all. The twenty-something man, staring weddiningring_kingdom_13at the ground as he started to pass. With me voicing, “I like your t-shirt”, he jolted from reflection, and as his eyes met mine, a brother in Christ began a bold smile. – It was evident to him, that I was a member of his community. Not because I liked his shirt, but, because I loved His Lord! I was both family and his neighbor in theKingdom of God”. In the midst of this beaming exchange, it was barefacedly apparent, that the Trinity was “hugging” us together in one deep unseen, tangible heavenly embrace. This was “fellowship” in the light!

Now, at the end of my last lap, and heading home, I was privileged to “seethe “front story” with the Holy Spirit. – Both the “darkness” and the “light”. It is there in every marketplace. And, it is there for you. Waiting, so go and seize this “Kingdom Day”!


But, what about the “Heavenly Crowns”? As, to the Crowns”…..Yes, perhaps on this Kingdom ruled mall walk, there was the benefit of adding some bling” to my Heavenly Crowns too. Someday, along with the 24 elders, may I cast many and magnificent crowns to my Lord. For His gifts to me, are His! And, He is the Gift!


THE KINGDOM MALL WALKERpeople-crowd-23119828

Jesus, may I better understand the “real – time” of Your Heavenly Kingdom. As in Heaven, let it be done on earth. At the mall, may I see with the “Optics of The Holy Spirit”! As I walk with You in Your light, shopping and enjoying the time, may I be ready to “see what You see”. To live in the melody and lyric of Your Heavenly Kingdom, may I perceive the beauty of Your work in the marketplace. And, one day, may I personally, cast the “rewards” of Your presence in my earthly life at Your throne – These Crowns are signs of Your Victory in and through me, and they belong to You. As in Heaven, let it be done on earth!

Copyright- Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott – 2013

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Destiny In Flux – The Ages And Stages of God’s Promises


people-older-23237427(In response to “Loving On The Elderly” Posted on )

 Partial Excerpt of the Facebook Post – “Lately He (God) has me encountering many people who have walked with the Lord for a long time. He also has me loving on the elderly.  I have been learning two thing of late, when you run into a person who has walked with God a long time and they are healthy in their walk, regardless of the revelation they have they have cultivated with God ask them to pray for you it’s amazing!” ….. ……. After a lovely recount of an encounter with a 90 year old…..then, this statement “Many believers of season who have been feeling forgotten or obsolete He (God) is reminding them who He made them to be…..”  May 11, 2013  More… »

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The Stolen IPhone®, The Ladies Restroom & The Kingdom Of God Super Sleuth

19157745This story is true, it reads like asupernatural who done it” Live it over again with me, because I was there and next time, you could be too!  

Crime Scene – The Ladies Restroom

Nordstrom Department Store

 Visit a shopping mall often enough and watch the change of seasons through fashion and fad.  Shop, eat, hang with friends, and enjoy the mall pet store’s puppies playing behind display windows and rallying for human affection, as if to say, “please take me home, I am really cute!”  Every generation has one, a “marketplace” (biblical word for this ‘agora’, also means ‘gathering place’) and for our generation, it is the “Shopping Mall”.   For the Apostle Paul and the other disciples-apostles, as for me and you, the “gathering place” is “God’s Happening Place”!  More… »

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When Jesus Died, “What Was Lazarus Thinking?”

8018929CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!  – He Pulled A Rabbit Out of An Empty Hat?  

 Setting The Scene……..

You are on the way to a movie, and your friend says, “This Jesus died and rose from the dead stuff is all about smoke and mirrors! Like when I was a little kid and did tricks, like pulling a fake rabbit out of a hat…. That’s kind of what happened to Jesus….Like A Vegas Magic Show, the Audience Just Thought That They Saw What They Saw!” More… »

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The Destiny Cord – Not Living In Someone Else’s Story …

animal-lion-23025403The Real-Time Ambassador, Full Time Adventurer, And 365 1/4 Days Of Opportunity  More… »

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The Spirit of “Night Terror”

This was posted on Facebook and you can access the link here.

Night Terrors. Taking you back to when you were a little boy or little girl, some of you still experience these things in your dreams, calling them nightmares.

So what I am about to tell you is not in the Bible and it comes from revelation. If that is hard for you no need to read this. It is not contrary to anything in the Bible. More… »

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