Victories that Last

Father loves it when we learn to cultivate sustainable victories in Him.  Having to take and retake the same territory over and over becomes wearisome. Reviewing all your good intentions, New Years resolutions and improvement projects how are you doing with those? Why do we need to continue to get in shape, diet, spend time with God, deal with relationship issues, work on mercy, forgiveness, bad habits, broken ways of being, addictions to only find temporary victories through our efforts of the soul that usually don’t last.  Israel may have walked around a mountain for 40 years how long have you walked around the mountain of these issues that you get no lasting victory over?  More… »

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Holy Spirit, the Person

Holy Spirit has been a person for a long time, no beginning and no end. He builds relationships that last. He understands you well. He likes you and He loves you. What’s not to love about Him?

He knows exactly how to encourage us and inspire us. Comfort is not something He does its who He is. Pressure, anxiety, fear, weariness all the things of this world and the enemy try to impart to us fade away in His presence and take their proper place beneath us as He raises us up in His loving embrace. More… »

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God of All Comfort

Doesn’t it just beg the question when our Father names Himself the compassionate one and the God of all comfort? He so knows that the short time we spend on the earth is going to be so impacted and compacted with life events, some which will bring us enormous pain. In the context of eternity, every tear all our sorrow will turn to joy, but in the meantime …

Holy Spirit calls Himself our comforter. He names Himself to us and who He wants to be for us. He knows how to dwell in our being and bring His eternal presence into our being. In His eternal presence we know profound comfort that last an eternity. More… »

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Freedom of Forgiveness

Ever want to give someone a “piece of your mind”? Maybe get back at those who have truly hurt you, misjudged you, slandered you with the malice of the evil one?

Many of us know that not forgiving someone, harboring unforgiveness in our heart is like drinking poison and hoping the other person gets sick. Many people are sick today because of this spiritual condition of not forgiving. This includes not forgiving yourself. More… »

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Lord with Us

God with us. How goes it with your whole person today? Praying over this word right now, I have asked our Father who loves you, to make himself known to you in His being with you. Meaning what concerns your heart concerns Him, where you go, He goes. Enoch got to walk with God and now God walks with us, Emmanuel.

He breathed His breath into you. Out of His creative genius, diversity and unending compassion He created you in His image. There are no other created beings like the sons and daughters who when unveiled in His truth reflect the light of the world, Jesus. More… »

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Commanding your Friends?

The idea of being called by Jesus His friend has intrigued me ever since I read the verse. I relate to God on many levels like you all do, but friendship is something I am still trying to grasp. I know that if I commanded my friends to do something I wouldn’t have any friends left on the level that I understand friendship from the western mindset. More… »

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How are you doing today with the supremacy of Christ in all things and His eternal victory that He established forever on the cross? He is seated in the highest place, all authority, has all rule and dominion over all things. You are in Him and He is for you. On His works it has been granted to us to partake of His nature and establish His works on the earth as it is in heaven. For many decades maybe even centuries we have been proclaiming, declaring, prophesying Gods dominion on the earth. We do not yet see with our own eyes the subjection of the earth to Him even though this war is already won. In fact we could point to many areas where earth looks nothing like heaven but more like hell. More… »

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