Priesthood of Believers

Glauce de Souza

Glauce de Souza was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She moved to the USA January 2001 to further her studies in Business. While attending UCI she started an internship at a local Aerospace company. It was then that the Lord miraculously opened a door to a permanent stay in the USA. At that point in time she knew she would live in the USA for while and the call of the spirit of the Lord to be reconciled to him lead her to a Presbyterian church in Huntington Beach. It was not until almost a year later, when life circumstances brought Glauce to her knees that she gave her life and heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. More… »

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Rusty Lawrence

Rusty and MaryAnn move with a heart of compassion for the things of God. They are filled with inspiration for Him and are moving into the best days of their lives. The Lord is faithful on the call He has over these two. Words, dreams, visions which the Lord has spoken to them at times will now be fulfilled in these days.

I’ve been a Christian for many decades, like many of you I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior when I was a young boy. As a young man growing up in the 60’s I fell away from the Lord for many years. It was not until I met and married the love of my life, my wife (Maryann) of 35 years, did the lord draw me back to His self. More… »

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Joan Glenn Roldan

Joan Glenn RoldanWith God there are no accidents … only divine coincidences you might say! It was such a coincidence in 1968 that profoundly changed my life as I lay dying in a hospital room in South Florida. More… »

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Debbi has inherited the mantle of her great-grandfather, Jonathan Edwards. She moves in the love of the Father and demonstrates His compassion by allowing Holy Spirit to flow through her to touch others. She brings joy wherever she goes and literally changes the environment by what she carries in her, the revelation that she is a loved daughter of the King and she loves others through that revelation.

My relationship with Jesus Christ is a daily faith walk that has guided me through difficult challenges in my life as I learn to trust Him in everything. Ten years ago I lost my father to cancer. It has been a difficult transition for me as I looked to him as my rock. More… »

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The Lord captivated Crystal’s heart at and early age and she has grown up strong in the way of God. She ministers in worship, song, encouragement and gifts of evangelism as she shares her faith with many. Crystal is an over comer and trust in the Lord with all her heart and she will not be disappointed.

I grew up going to church and hearing about Jesus and I fell in love! But it wasn’t until I got to college and I really started to yearn to know Him, more than just an idea or a list of religious things that you have to do. Then, the Holy Spirit broke in! More… »

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Georgia moves in the compassion of the living God. She is known by her love in heaven and earth. Her prayers are powerful and the Lord ministers His grace through her. The Kingdom of God is made up of such as these.

I grew up in the Midwest amongst an amazing, supportive and loving family. Though we were raised Catholic by my mom and with a bit of the Native American influence by my dad, we were not followers of Christ, in the way that I now understand it. As an animal, music and people lover, my heart was always overwhelmed with compassion for others and was always trying to be the door matte for others to be pleased and blessed. More… »

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Sue GilhooleyI was raised Methodist in Southern California, where I learned that God is good, but did not know the power of God’s kingdom. What followed was many years of frustration, disillusionment, and loss. In 2007 I was introduced to the ministry of John and Jill Kloos where I was overwhelmed with God’s love and power to heal. More… »

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