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The heart of this ministry is to build others up in the kingdom of God that He placed in you. There is a maturing in the body of Christ that must take place as we grow in grace. We can no longer stay infants and expect others to do for us what God gave us to do in Him. In most church cultures we have learned to consume and become spectators rather than to pursue the mandate of putting on Christ which leads to acts of love in service and giving with a joyful heart. We have pastors, worship leaders, teachers and all kinds of church staff that in some cases can actually stunt our growth because we allow them to do for us what God wants to be for us in intimacy. To be sure, we are given leaders to build us up in the faith to go into the world to demonstrate a powerful gospel. This is rarely seen in America today and it is something the Holy Spirit is about to change in a glorious way.

It is the Father’s heart to reveal Christ in us and pour out His Spirit on all flesh and bring us into a revelation of His goodness in all things that we would be transformed by the renewing of our minds and believe God for what He as said about us in scripture. We really are a new creation in Christ and the world is desperate to see the bride of Christ unveiled in His glory. As you go about your days God has given you on this earth, we go in favor to declare His Kingdom is at hand and we learn to do the things Jesus did when He walked the earth.

The Lord is not obligated to fulfill our destiny in Him. We have to come to Him and have life. We measure our kingdom life not on what we have today but what is available to us in Christ through intimacy with Him. We then can demonstrate His gospel with love. We are pursuing a Kingdom culture that brings honor to His house and all those that call on His name.

You were born for such a time as this one. It pleased the creator to place you in this time in His history to release you as a priest unto God to minister to Him in all that you do. This means that heaven is behind you for your families, workplaces, marriages, health, that you are the drink offering the lord is pouring out on the earth to display the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that many might come to Him because of the light that is in you. We have been given the grace to overcome this world in love through the light and life of Christ. This is the abundant glorious life in Him.

We learn to do this daily as we encourage one another in the faith, by the testimony of what He has done, is doing and we become His witnesses as we are filled with the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things. We meet to learn how to put on Christ and serve one another in reverence to Him so that we also would be a fragrant offering to Him just like our brothers and sisters that have already gone before us. We learn to become kingdom kids while we walk the earth.

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